Samsung WB750 Camera Review

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Testing and Performance

Setting up and using the Samsung WB750 was a very simple task, and even though the software isn’t extremely advanced, like the software seen on the Samsung MV800, the overall layout of the menus and options allow for anyone to be able to use the camera efficiently.

There’s a range of different options in the settings including the ability to change the photo size, quality, ISO, white balance, face detection and more.

As well as the still photo settings, you’ve also got the settings for the video recording. You can change the movie size (E.g. VGA > 480p > 720p > 1080p) and also the microphone settings.









You’ve also got settings for the volume and various sounds that are made when pressing certain buttons. These can be turned on or off. As well as this, you have the display settings for controlling brightness, date and time, power settings and also the grid lines.

The last panel is the settings panel for changing other features such as the language, auto power off, time zone and a few other options.

The Samsung WB750 allows you to also take very impressive 3D photos that can be viewed by hooking the camera up to a 3D HDTV. This features allows you to view your still shots and panoramic shots with amazing 3D depth.

Sample Images

For testing purposes, we kept the WB750 on the “Smart” setting to keep everything fair.

These two photos were taken on a rather dull and wet day so we think that they’ve come out very well considering.









As you can see, from the photos above, the overall quality of the still photos is brilliant and considering that it’s a £150 compact camera, the detail in every photo is astounding.

Panoramic Sample Image

Full HD 1080p Video Test

As before, the weather conditions were fairly dull so the quality appears a little dull and boring. However, the 1080p quality really impressed us. The footage appears a little grainy, but then again it’s a £150 compact camera so we believe that, for the price, we’ve got a great bit of kit here.

Remember to view the video in 1080p, if you can.


Unfortunately, the audio quality could have been better, but it was a very windy day and nothing could be done about that.

Once you’ve finished taking pictures and recording video, you can hook up the camera to your computer via the included microUSB cable. Once the camera has been detected it will launch the built-in software, which appears to be a very impressive image editing studio. There’s the ability to use a whole range of editing tools on your photos to make them stand out that little bit more.

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