Silver Power SP-SS500 Power Supply Review

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In this current society, most people don’t realise how much power is actually needed to power a high-end or even a modern PC. There are standard default models which are around 100-150 Watts for small standalone computers which are purely used to connect you to the internet to watch music or watch movies. That being said there are also computers which require ten times the standard PSU with multiple 12 Volt lines for over one hundred pounds at least for the computer enthusiasts. The ‘class’ of PSU recommended for most self-built systems of mid to high end rigs are around 500 Watts, so for this review we had an interesting 500 Watt PSU, presenting the Silver Power SP-SS500 500W. This PSU was tested in a mid-end computer using triple core AMD processor.

For most, Silver Power is an unrecognised hardware producer but they are affiliated with MaxPoint. MaxPoint just happens to be a well known distributer in the hardware industry (owning a fair amount of the well known ones such as Tagan – PSU’s for computer enthusiasts and gamers). With that mentioned, Silver Power finally represents the latest brand with a wide array of powerful PSU’s which have well balanced capabilities, quiet cooling and optimal, well balanced prices for what is given.


The Silver Power SP-SS500 gives the following specifications:

  • 500W Max power, 2x 12V lines, each of up to 17A
  • Compatible with Intel ATX 12 V Ver. 2.2
  • 80 Plus certified, high efficiency
  • Environmental friendly “Super Low Noise” fan control
  • Excellent thermal management with high quality ball bearing 12 cm fan
  • Active Power Factor Correction with high PF value of >0.98
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode, meets Energy Star 4.0 requirements
  • 2× built-in PCI Express graphics card connectors, 1× 6 Pin & 1× 6+2 Pin
  • 6× serial ATA hard disk connectors for your SATA drives
  • Stable output voltages under any load condition
  • Protection against over voltage, over power and short circuit
  • 24 months warranty

Source: MaxPoint website.

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