Silver Power SP-SS500 Power Supply Review

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At Tech-Reviews our Power Supply tests consist of three main factors:  Noise, Stability and Efficiency. All these tests are conducted at both idle and load states. Efficiency is also tested at standby as well to draw a suitable conclusion.

To test noise levels in power supplies very expensive sound equipment is needed. Unfortunately we do not have access to this equipment and so instead, we use our god-given human ears to draw a verdict on the noise. Although this conclusion may not be as accurate as a figurative verdict, it’s a good indication on how the unit in testing sums up to other power supplies.

Stability is tested by checking each rail voltage of the power supply:  12V, 5V and 3.3V. We do this by using professional electrical equipment at both states, idle and load. The nearer rail voltage is to the rated voltage, the better.


3.3v Idle: 3.32 Load: 3.34

5v Idle: 4.80 Load: 4.95

12v Idle: 11.97 Load: 11.91

Whilst these voltages are not perfect they are not that bad for a PSU of this level and price range.


We found this PSU to be incredibly quiet indeed, not quite silent but really not that far off.


Due to the absence of the necessary testing equipment at the time of testing results for this test are not currently available.

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