Snugg Jibitz Case for iPhone 4 Review

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Product Overview

This is probably one of the most enjoyable cases I have had for my iPhone 4. Snugg have done a really good job with this case. It’s a full silicon product with perfect cut outs for all your needs, the silicone is of a very high quality and it’s not like any other case, this silicone is very tough and it stays in place nicely. On the back of the case it has these little squares known as ‘Jibitz’ and you can actually take these out of the case and replace them with other Jibitz which have letters on, this allows you too make your own words on the back of your case, which I personally think is a great feature. You can make a lot of different words with these, it’s a shame they don’t give you the full alphabet though and the Jibitz all look the same, if only you could buy different colours and types of Jibitz.


Overall, this product is very unique and with the ability to customize it yourself it’s definitely one of a kind. I had no problems with it, if they sold different types of Jibitz with different fonts and colours I can see it being even more appealing to iPhone 4 owners.