Speck CandyShell Wrap for iPad 2 Review

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Speck have always made nice products for your electronics and now I have their CandyShell Wrap for iPad 2 to review, and my first impressions were that this thing looks pretty sleek but its a finger print magnet. But once I got to use it for a bit, it grew on me.

Product Overview

Inside the case it has this rubber honeycomb texture to it which keeps dust and muck off the iPad 2 as well as giving it stability while in the case. It was easy to put the iPad 2 inside but getting it out took a bit of time, all the ports were lined up perfectly, I had no issues at all except the mute switch was a little hidden. At the bottom of the case there is a little latch where you can pop out and reveal the iPad’s 30pin connector so that you can easily dock it to a keyboard or speaker dock, this comes in hand especially when you have purchase the iPad 2 stand.











The folio can convert into two different types of stand, one for typing and one for simply placing portrait mode, these can be good for gaming, watching movies or simply surfing through your media. The cool thing with the stand is that it can actually be removed (as shown in the video) so that you can just have the ‘CandyShell’ without the wrap, I use this for simply roaming around the house, and I then attach the wrap/cover when i’m placing it my bag when travelling to give it more protection. This is a really good extra that speck have done and it gives you more control over your case.

The only problem I have with this wrap/cover is that it puts marks on your screen where each of the folds touch your screen, and on the end of the wrap it has a suction attachment which sucks to your iPad to keep the cover closes, this can be very visible on a black iPad 2 but on the white you cant see it at all.

Overall Opinion

This case is real nice, it looks better with a black iPad but then you get the suction marks which is a downer. But I like that you can remove the cover when ever you want and then just have the CandyShell Case, its highly protective with its hard plastic and interior rubber surface while at the same time looking pretty sleek. But take in mind it does attract fingerprints.