Synology DS212 NAS Review

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After plugging in the Synology DS212 NAS and hooking it up to the router (obviously inserting your HDD in as well, which in our case is a 1TB Western Digital HDD), you’re ready to install the included software. As with most software installations, the install was simply and relatively quick.

The software, Synology DiskStation Manager, is similar to the Synology Assistant software we tested during the Synology USB Station 2 review, so we were able to navigate around quite well. The whole interface is very easy to navigate though, with it being laid out like a real desktop, with a right click context menu and a whole range of great features.

One of the DiskStation Manager features is then multitasking user interface, which has been primarily developed using HTML5 and CSS3, making the drag-n-drop feature work very well indeed.

Other features of the Synology DS212 NAS are: File Sharing, Backup, Accounts and Privileges, Surveillance and Data Encryption. The data encryption works very well thanks to the included encryption engine that sends all of the encryption calculations away from the unit CPU, meaning that the DS212 is still able to perform file transfers at a very quick rate.

As well as the features of the software, the DS212 itself worked brilliantly, it features a very quiet design and thanks to the rear exhaust fan, and smart airflow technology, the whole unit can stay running cool all day and night.

I personally didn’t need the DS212 running all day and night so the power on/off scheduling came in very handy, as did the Wake on LAN/WAN feature.


Overall, I’m very impressed with the performance and quality of the Synology DS212 NAS. Both installation and setup was very simple. As well as this, the included DiskStation Manager software is the best software I’ve used that’s included with a NAS device.

My only problem with the DS212 is the price, which, unfortunately, is £235 without any storage solutions, making it a very expensive NAS enclosure. Considering the price of hard drives at the moment, you’d be looking at £400+ once you’ve purchase the DS212 and 2TB of storage.

However, although I can’t justify the price that much, the DS212 is a brilliant product, and thanks to the DiskStation Manager software, the whole product works incredibly well.


  • Great design – robust and quiet
  • Brilliant performance
  • Operating system contains a whole range of features
  • Support for 2.5″ SSD


  • Expensive considering you’re just receiving the NAS without any storage

Taking everything into consideration, the very sleek and stylish Synology DS212 NAS is receiving 9/10 from Tech-Reviews.

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