TomTom GO LIVE 820 Top Gear Edition Sat Nav Review

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We took the TomTom Go Live 820 Top Gear Edition Sat Nav out for a few test drives in the past few weeks, and overall we were very impressed. The sat nav was very easy to navigate around and does a fantastic job at getting you from A to B.

You are able to navigate to a full UK post code and plan some fairly advanced journeys with just a few presses on the touchscreen.

TomTom’s IQ Routes system, which takes in to consideration the actual road speeds rather than using nominal speed values therefore providing you with a more accurate estimated time of arrival, was very useful and accurate most of the time.

The Google Local Search system works incredibly quick and is simple to use. Just type in a place and it will bring up similar places near that location (E.g. Searching “Pub” will bring up a whole list of pubs near your location).

One of our favourite features is the HD Traffic feature, which delivers traffic information to your TomTom every few minutes, providing you with the latest information regarding traffic jams and problems on the road. We found that the HD Traffic feature is much more reliable than the information other sat navs receive from RDS-TMC (the old, but still widely used, traffic update system).

Another great feature, only available on this limited edition version, is the Top Gear points of interest category, which shows an icon on the display when you’re getting close of a special area of interest (well, at least for car and Top Gear fans). Some of the areas of interest include popular tracks such as the Bedford Aerodrome GT circuit and Top Gear’s own test track.

Within the TomTom Go Live 820 software, you have a whole load of different settings to change and fiddle around with, ranging from the voice used for directions, all the way to making corrections on the map.

Take a look around the Go Live 820’s menu by looking at the images below.

One problem I found was that you had to press quite hard on the touchscreen to get a response a couple of times. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem at all though because you’re going to be setting up the sat nav before your journey begins, most of the time, so there shouldn’t be too much need to start fiddling around with it during the journey anyway.

Other than the that, everything worked great. Both the audio and picture quality was brilliant. With the volume set to 60%, you could easily here Jeremy’s instructions whilst driving along on the motorway.

If you get fed up with Jeremy’s voice at any point during your journey, you can always switch to Stig mode! As you can imagine, not much really happens in Stig mode, there’s just silence for the entire journey.

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