Tuff-Luv Leather Flip Case for iPhone 4 Review

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Product Overview

When i got this case the packaging was very unique. It came in a piece of cardboard. This company did this for recycling purposes and i respected them for doing this, when i got into the case it felt different as this leather is actually sheep leather, with a plastic tray for your iPhone 4 to sit in. The design was OK but they reversed the flip design so that it flips over your camera, this really annoyed me as i do like to take a lot of pictures time to time, so to get around this problem you would have to hold the front flap out of the way every time you took a picture. It had a popper to put the flap into place which i must admit was very high quality, and it held it very nicely.

Inside the tray is where your iPhone 4 lays, the sides was very sharp and i took caution when placing my iPhone inside as i was scared it was going to scratch my iphone, and it never sounded healthy when placing it in the case. I wasn’t very impressed with the stitching on the outside of the case as it looked very scruffy and untidy and as a man who likes his cases this is a big thing for me.

This case does protect your case slightly from drops, scratches but i didnt have confidence in it when my iPhone was inside, but it did protect the front screen as the flap covers it.

Overall Verdict

Overall a standard looking flip case which protects your iPhone 4, but for me it was too scruffy and untidy.