Tuniq Potency 550W PSU

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The Tuniq Potency 550W PSU

Measuring only 14cm in length, the Tuniq Potency 550 Watt is pretty small. It sports a black powder coated finish and so should be resistant to any small knocks and scratches which may occur when installing the unit.

Tuniq Potency 550W

Bottoms up you can see a 120mm fan dominating the PSU. This has been protected by a nickel plated fan grill to stop any fingers and cables from being cut.

Tuniq Potency 550W Tuniq Potency 550W

Once flipped over, the other side of the Tuniq power supply reveals the norm – a power specifications sticker. When mounted in a case, this is the side you’ll see. Although it’s not particularly exciting; it’s more exciting than a bare panel – like the other side.

Tuniq Potency 550W

At the front of the Potency 550W is a large honey comb mesh, a power switch and a power connector.

Tuniq Potency 550W

The reverse side is completely bare – bar a small hole where all the cables flow out from.

Tuniq Potency 550W