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If you’re in business or your job requires meeting many people, storing business cards and contact information is often a great hassle. Cleverly though, there’s a new iPhone App developed by a company called Penpower Technology Ltd. which seeks to solve this problem, introducing WorldCard Mobile…

About Worldcard Mobile

"WorldCard Mobile is the leading business card recognition system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It instantly recognizes the captured data from business cards and sorts it into organized fields which are then added directly into your contact list! Just point your camera at the card, take a picture, and WorldCard Mobile puts it into your contact list!"


  • Superior recognition quality
  • Significantly faster recognition speeds
  • Allows for data export to any desired contact group
  • Automatically sort your contact data into appropriate categories
  • Auto image rotation in the event image scans sideways
  • Partially recognize and pull into desired field. (Manually crop by finger and pull into right field, such as name, company, department, position, main phone, fax to re-do recognition.
  • Merge data into existing contacts).
  • Support interface and recognize 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch).
  • Recognize business card from saved images.

Where to Purchase

WorldCard Mobile full version can be bought from the Apple App store for £3.49. A lite version is also available, for free.


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