Zaward Golf Fan II

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Many of you wouldn’t have heard of Zaward before and don’t feel disheartened if you’re one, they’re a fairly new company specializing in specifically computer cooling. One of the most innovative products in their catalogue is what’s called the ‘Golf Fan II’. Unlike most case fans, the Golf Fan 2 features a patent golf-ball-like texture on its fins which according to Zaward reduces noise levels by 15% at the same RPM and airflow. Now I’ve reviewed a lot of case fans in my day and many boast large claims like this, to find out whether Zaward’s marketing department are not just playing about, let’s put it to the test and find out whether it’s true to its word.

The second series of Zaward’s Golf Fan’s have a collection of 11 fans altogether of different sizes, specifications and colours. We’ve kindly been sent four by Zaward, which include:

  • ZG2-080B
  • ZG2-080D
  • ZG2-120B
  • ZG2-140A

However, for the purpose of this review, we will be analysing just one -the ZG2-120B.

About Zaward

“Zaward Corporation was founded in 1996 as the sole worldwide agent of Globefan Technology Co., Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers of DC fans that established since 1986 in Taiwan to provide major personal computer power supply companies with the best quality products.”


  • Unique patent Golf dimple blade reduces 15% noise level at the same RPM & airflow.
  • Low Noise level from 10~22.6dBA depends on fan speed.
  • Long life expectancy of 60,000 hours in 40 degree C.
  • It increases fan’s efficiency and reduces current consumption.
  • PWM function supported, starting at low speed minimizing with very low noise level without reducing efficiency. (Not supported on ZG2-140A)


Dimension 120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed 300±250rpm ~ 1300±200 rpm
Bearing Type Duro bearing
Max.Air Flow 56.05 CFM
Operation Voltage 12V
Life 60,000 Hrs
Noise Level 10 ~ 20.8 dBA
Weight 156g
Colour Black
Led N/A
Zaward Golf Fan II 2