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Mar 15

Free Wi-Fi for the London Underground

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Matt

The service, which is going to be provided by Virgin Media, will be available from July and will offer commuters and tourists completely free and unlimited web access. However, once the Olympics are over, it will all change.

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Nov 17

Broadband speeds suffer 35% drop during peak times

Published in News, Technology News | Written by matt

A recent survey, carried out here in the UK by Uswitch, has revealed that the best time for users to get the most out of their internet connection is 3am with an average connection being about 9.6Mbps at this time.

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Nov 14
xl_Boost broadband

Britain will have best broadband in Europe by 2015

Published in News, Other News | Written by Matt

Sean Williams, BT Group Director of Strategy and Policy and Portfolio, has recently confirmed that the UK is currently on track in its plans to have the fastest broadband connections in Europe by 2015.

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Sep 29

Crackdown on UK ‘up to’ broadband packages

Published in News, Other News | Written by Rhys

The word ‘Up to’ is used heavily by ISP’s to advertise internet speeds which quite often are nowhere near the actual speed. The Advertising Standards Agency have now bought in new guidelines which mean internet service providers will need to prove that users of their service can achieve the advertised speeds.

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Which Apple iPad should you choose?

Which Apple iPad should you choose?

If you’re looking to purchase an Apple iPad, there are a few things you need to consider. Are you going to really notice the Retina Display, use the upgraded 5-megapixel camera or use the new 4G connectivity? If you answered no to any of those, then you might want to take a look at this guide on choosing the right iPad.

Read Article » How to replace cracked iPhone 3GS screen

How to replace cracked iPhone 3GS screen

So you’ve just been to a party and woken up with a throbbing hangover to find your iPhone screen is cracked. Familiar story? It’s happened to me, too many times! Fret not though, it’s really easy to replace a cracked iPhone screen and can be done for a just a fiver!

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Aug 24

Thermaltake Element T Mid-Tower PC Case

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Mar 03

CeBIT Coverage – Day 1 Bundle @ BCCHardware

“We’re out here in Hanover Germany at CeBIT 2010 and we’ve got our full suiteof Day 1 Coverage posted.  Today we a day where we blasted through the showand looked at a lot of different stuff.  As the week progresses, we’ll getdown and dirty with these companies.” Read Coverage

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Sep 30

How Web Design has evolved over the last 20+ Years.

I remember the year 1991 well, it was the date I was born on and was also the time that the Internet launched the first ever website.  Built purely as text, it was a clear example of what the web was destined to be, a library of inter connected information. However, with the increasing support […]

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Mar 03

CyberPower AVRLCD UPS Battery Backup for PCs @ Benchmark Reviews

“It’s no secret that our cherished computers and personal electronic devices all depend on electricity. They can’t live without power, andwe feel powerless without them. Conscious of our need for continuous productivity, CyberPower Systems has built an entire battery backup product linedesigned to supply uninterrupted power to our PCs and HDTVs. So when winter storms […]

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