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Dec 15

MySpace no longer one of the UK’s top 10 social networks

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Matt

With the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter dominating the top spots, MySpace is no longer welcome in the UK’s top 10 social networks with it being forced out by websites such as Stumble Upon and Yahoo Answers.

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Which Apple iPad should you choose?

Which Apple iPad should you choose?

If you’re looking to purchase an Apple iPad, there are a few things you need to consider. Are you going to really notice the Retina Display, use the upgraded 5-megapixel camera or use the new 4G connectivity? If you answered no to any of those, then you might want to take a look at this guide on choosing the right iPad.

Read Article » How to replace cracked iPhone 3GS screen

How to replace cracked iPhone 3GS screen

So you’ve just been to a party and woken up with a throbbing hangover to find your iPhone screen is cracked. Familiar story? It’s happened to me, too many times! Fret not though, it’s really easy to replace a cracked iPhone screen and can be done for a just a fiver!

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Sep 29

Crackdown on UK ‘up to’ broadband packages

The word ‘Up to’ is used heavily by ISP’s to advertise internet speeds which quite often are nowhere near the actual speed. The Advertising Standards Agency have now bought in new guidelines which mean internet service providers will need to prove that users of their service can achieve the advertised speeds.

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Apr 14

Windows 8 Screenshots Leaked

Windows 8 Screenshots have been leaked, allegedly from a Microsoft employee. Not many differences to note in the current form.

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Mar 14

The new iPad Retina Display is made by Samsung

Whilst there were rumours that Apple’s new iPad Retina Displays were going to be created by Sharp or LG, it has now been reported by Bloomberg that Samsung are the sole display-maker for the new Apple iPad.

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Mar 15

Jetway XBlue H55 1156 Motherboard @ Pro-Clockers

“Jetway was nice enough to send us over their XBlue-H55 which is also based on the lower cost chipset. It is one of a trio set produced by Jetway. The other two models are the BI-751 and the HI06. Each of which has their own set of unique features. Out of the three the XBlue […]

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