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Mar 27

New iPhone to be All Glassed Out

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

Rumours have it – and I must stress the term ‘rumours’ – that the up and coming iPhone will feature an all glass exterior. This comes contrary to reports that Apple was looking to solidify their next smartphone in light of its predecessor being vulnerable to cracks and breakage when dropped.

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Dec 01
iPhone 5

Apple Rumour: 4G connectivity coming to iPhone 5 and iPad 3?

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Matt

According to some of the latest reports, Apple are looking to finally embrace 4G LTE networks to give iPhone 5 and iPad 3 customers a much needed mobile internet speed boost.

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Sep 15

iPhone 5 revealed accidentally by Casemate

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Brandon Saltalamacchia

Casemate was super fast at bringing down the page with these iPhone 5 pictures which makes us think this wasn’t on purpose. Apple are known not to give out their hardware especially to accessory manafactureres so this could be just a mimick of the the size specifications or you never know it could be the real iPhone 5.

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Sep 06

iPhone 5 camera megapixels revealed

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

A report states Apple has got two companies supplying the iPhone 5 8-megapixel camera.

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Sep 02

Cases suggest iPhone 5 is thinner

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

There have been a number of iPhone cases appearing onto the Chinese market that rumor the new iphone 5 to be thinner, like the iPod Touch.

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Which Apple iPad should you choose?

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Feb 19

HP Slate will undercut Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Courier may also too

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Feb 24

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Mar 12

New Apple iPad pre-orders sell out after huge demand

The new iPad is set to be released to the world this week and many have already started to queue up to make sure they get their device as soon as possible, and because of ‘off the charts’ demand for the new tablet Apple have reported that the pre-orders have now sold-out.

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