CoolIT Domino i5 Testing


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Back in July this year we tested the CoolIT watercooling kit using a heavily overclocked AMD 7750+ BE. It’s performance really surprised us with it absolutely caning the other coolers in question. However, processors have quickly moved on since July and we’ve got the likes of the Intel Core i7 and recent i5 dominating the market. For this reason, we thought some i5 testing using our trusty CoolIT Domino was in order. Let’s see if the performance from the Domino still survives in this day and age…

*From the release date of the Intel Core i5, CoolIT now includes an i5 clip with all new purchases of the Domino.

Test Computer

The main specifications of our i5 test system are as follows:

Processor Intel Core i5 750 @ 3999.6 MHz
Memory 4GB Kingston HyperX 2000Mhz (2x2GB)
Motherboard ASUS P7P55D Evo
Comparison CPU Cooler Coolermaster 212 Plus

To achieve the overclock of 3999.6Mhz we adjusted the CPU voltage to 1.44v and increased the Bus speed from 130 to 190. Below is a CPU-Z screenshot so you can see the settings for yourself.


Although the CoolIT Domino has three running modes (Quiet, Performance and Full), we stuck with just the ‘Quiet’ and ‘Full’ modes as the ‘Performance’ mode is basically the middle of the two. ‘Quiet’ mode entails the radiator fan operating at an RPM between 1100-2500 whilst ‘Full’ mode has the fan operating at 2900. The extra RPM allows more cool air to be forced through the radiator’s fins thus quicker cooling the water. However, this obviously means the fan is much noisier, whereas in Quiet mode it’s pretty much silent – like a watercooling kit should be.

Anyway, hop to the next page and see the results…

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