CoolIT Domino i5 Testing


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The Results


Once again you can see the CoolIT Domino comes out top trumps. Not only does it beat the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus by 13 degrees at load and 5 degrees at idle when the mode is set to ‘Full’; it also manages to beat the Hyper 212 when set to its lowest possible setting (Quiet) – although only by two degrees. Still though, two degrees is impressive when you consider it’s near enough silent at ‘Quiet’ setting.


I’m still impressed with the CoolIT Domino, it’s managed to survive another wave of processors successfully by beating a cooler by one of CoolIt’s strongest competitors. For this reason, the Domino deserves to keep its five shiny starts which we awarded it all the way back in July.

5 star award

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