Data Recovery Guru Review for Mac OSX


From time to time you may end up deleing a file you wish you didn’t, it happens to the best of us. If you didn’t securely delete the file, simply erased it from the trash, the chances are that you should be able to recover the file back afterwards. Data Recovery Guru for Mac OSX Lion promises to recover deleted files from your hard drive in an easy-to-use visually guided interface.

I have tried many file recovery applications before, with no luck and simply being £50 or so out of pocket, so trying Data Recovery Guru I was slightly sceptical. However, they offer a free trial, which allows you to trial the software before by scanning your hard drive and showing the files that can be recovered. Moreover, if you’re not totally satisfied with the application they claim to give your money-back 100%. With nothing to risk, I decided to give Data Recovery Guru a try.

I tested the application by using it over a 30-day period, deleting files as I went a long and noting what I had deleted. I then ran the application after the 30-days to see what could be recovered.

To try and recover the files the application scans through your whole hard drive, with over 400GB of data on mine this took a little while. Once the scan had started it begins to present the files I had deleted in a window similar to the default Finder. You can then begin analysing each file while the scan is still completing. Although the original filenames were not the same, you can quickly browse each of them with Preview and also check their file size.

Once you have found the files you wish to recover, you simply select the file and click “Recover”. A prompt will then open to ask you where to save the recovered file.

Unlike other data recovery applications, this really is a very simple application to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s well worth giving the free trial a go. Visit Data Recovery Guru to learn more.