How To Reset Your iPad To It’s Factory Settings


Obviously with all tablet’s and smartphones after a long period of usage, your device will become cluttered with applications and various collections of media that you no longer use or listen to. One in particular is the iPad; and even though Apple provide a 64gb version, it just isn’t enough for some users so at some point you’ll need or want to start over because the mass amount of pages and folders will become to much to handle!

Here’s a few simple steps to get your iPad back to it’s default factory settings, ie exactly what it looked liked (software wise obviously, this process won’t remove scratches or dents from your device…) when you bought it new.

1. You’re first going to want to make sure that your device actually needs to be reset as this process will erase all settings and content from your device which is irriversable. Therefore, please make sure you backup any important files via iTunes or if you’ve jailbroken your device you can create a backup of those apps and settings by following this guide here.

2. You’ll need to navigate to the settings applications and then click on the “Reset” option at the bottom which will then display the various reset options available to you.

How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings

3. This is where you have a few final chances to work out exactly which option is best for you. Do you want to just delete all of your settings? or perhaps just the network settings? We’re going to be using both the “Reset All Settings” and the “Erase all Content and Settings” options today, using both will make sure that everything has been reset and nothing has slipped though. You are prompted with two “Are you sure?” pop ups, we went ahead and just clicked yes.

How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings

After you’ve confirmed that you understand that all of your data will be erased, the ipad will turn off. When it comes back on, you’ll see the same Apple loading screen you see when you update or restore your device. During this time it is just completing the request to erase all settings/content which only takes a few minutes at the longest for those of you with many applications and a lot of media content.

4. Once the process is complete, you’ll be shown the connect to iTunes screen (just like you were when you first turned it on). All you need to do now is open up iTunes on your Mac or PC and select the option you’d like. For this guide we’ll be setting it up as a new iPad.

How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings

5. Finally, once the iPad has finished doing it’s thing, you’ll see the lockscreen with the default wallpaper. And once it’s unlocked, you’re back to default factory settings! Not too difficult but if you get stuck on any step, be sure to leave a comment below and both us and other readers will try out best to help.

How To Reset Your iPad To It's Factory Settings

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