5 Great 2015 Android games

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The digital explosion has transformed games into multi-layered cinematic experiences with animated characters, 3D fantasy worlds and in-app controls that deliver smooth functionality unheard of a decade ago. There are more genres than ever before that vary from strategy and running games to single shooters and conventional video slots ramped up by a touch of design magic. We’ve hunted down the best of breed Android games for 2015 and feature the top five based on innovation, endurance, game play and sheer entertainment value:


Released more than five years ago but with a fan base that keeps on growing, Drop7 is a straightforward puzzle game with a little bit of Tetris and a whole lot of Sudoku. You’ll drop coloured balls – some of which are numbered from one to seven, while others are blank – onto a grid comprising seven columns and seven rows. When the number on any ball matches the number of sequential horizontal or vertical balls on the grid, it disappears and hits any blank ball it happens to touch. When hit twice, the blank ball evolves into a numbered ball and the process begins again. The aim of the game is to destroy balls and create as many combinations as possible.

Clash of the Clans

The multiplayer mobile strategy game, Clash of the Clans may have been around a while but it’s lost none of its creativity and pizzazz. Players have to construct settlements, shore up their defences, train battalions of warriors and attack other tribes to earn precious gold, elixir and Dark Elixir, a potion that can be used to protect you and your tribe. There are spells to unleash, buildings to erect and clan wars to win, so be sure to have the correct strategy in place in order to survive the clash of the clans!

Hillbillies Cashola

Fresh from the Real-Time Gaming (RTG) new games press, Hillbillies Cashola is a 5 reel and 20 payline video slot with a redneck Hillbilly theme. It features 3D graphics, wonderful design detailing and plenty of ways to win crisp, hard cash. The tills open the moment you match three or more standard symbols on an active payline. Hit any of the human hillbilly family and you’ll have struck pay dirt as they represent wild symbol substitutes, with up to 5x multipliers, or scatter symbols that activate the Hillbilly bonus game. Why not find a top USA casino to play at right away and turn moonshine into money!

Marvel Contest of Champions

Fans of Marvel comic book superheroes will simply love this high energy brawler that features the likes of Spiderman, The Hulk and Captain America. You’ll have to fight your way through different stages in order to level-up and encounter brand new characters, hot after your blood. Your objective is to amass a team of villains and heroes from the Marvel Universe so as to destroy the Marvel super villain, Kang the Conqueror. A gaming highlight is the responsive and silky smooth in-app controls that generate awesome animated attacks with a tap or swish of the touchscreen!

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless running game featuring Jake, a mischievous graffiti artist, as the principal character. You’ll take on his role as he flees from the unwelcome attentions of a railway inspector and his dog. There are all sorts of unsavoury little characters who are unlocked via character attributes or in-app purchases. You’ll have to avoid obstacles by dashing, jumping, rolling and moving sideways while deftly grabbing gold coin game rewards out of the air at the same time.