3 Reasons Video Streaming Services Are Superior

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Since the beginning of the streaming video revolution, more and more people are collecting less physical film copies and instead streaming their content online. In fact, it’s a staple of most modern televisions to come equipped with popular streaming apps for networks and online subscription services. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and HBO Now are all featured on modern technological systems, because those companies understand that on-demand content is superior, more accessible and has a higher potential for content diversity than standard video delivery methods.

People don’t want to have a collection in their house of films anymore unless they’re a genuine movie buff. This is because there are countless amazing pieces of filmed content, it can be hard to collect them all no matter how passionate you are. Add that to the growing list of films only to be found on streaming services, and you have a trend that’s rapidly accumulating interest and as a consequence, accumulating a subscription base.

However, because of the tactile feeling a Blu-Ray movie can give you, it’s tempting to feel nostalgic for the ways of the best and consider streaming content to be a sad consequence of the disposability of entertainment forms. You’d be partly right, but you’d be ignoring the profound possibilities of streaming services. Luckily, this list is here for you to help you realize those.

Original Movies & Television Shows

Thanks to the growth in subscription numbers, services like Netflix and Amazon have crafted multi-episode television shows and films that can’t be accessed elsewhere. Most of these are exceptionally well made because they attract the best minds in the industry to produce them. Said streaming services also have an incentive to create amazing content that generates more subscribers and improves their corporate reputation. It’s hard to argue that Netflix is doing the film and television industries a service when they’re producing so much celebrated content, it seems. Give one of these original shows a try if you haven’t already, you might just be surprised.

Location, Location, Location

Making full use of the internet’s capabilities can help you stream content outside of your current location. Using a VPN is the best way to do this because you can reassign your IP address to match that of a select country of origin, and thus become able to view that content available abroad. This is handy if you’re traveling and can’t access the content you usually do. To educate yourself on the best VPN’s to achieve this, check securethoughts for more information. You could just find your new favourite television show you wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.


Subscriptions services such as Netflix and Amazon Video accumulate your viewing metrics and take them into consideration when recommending new content for you to watch. With the growing intelligence of data analytics, you might just find something that totally appeals to you but doesn’t necessarily come as an obvious recommendation. For example, if you love watching Italian mobster films, it’s likely you’ll be recommended a crime/thriller focused film from a different genre, such as a comedy. This can keep things fresh and constantly expose to you new content that keeps your subscription meaningful and worthwhile.

The best part of all this? Subscriptions are cheap. For the admission fee, you’ll be rewarded with content that you’ll never be able to get through in a lifetime, and more is added all the time. When better than today to sign up?