5 Great Smartphone Games to Play this Summer

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With almost 1,500 active games companies in the UK and smartphones being in the hands of over 70% of us, mobile gaming is something that will have tempted us all. Whether it’s the thought of taking a walk to catch some Pokémon or passing time on the commute with Candy Crush, we’re all gamers now.

However, while Windows phone owners are a rarity, Android and iOS are battling it out, neck-a-neck for market share. In this list, we’ll try not to leave either out as we give you five of our suggestions.

Game Dev Story

Quirky, addictive and meta. This is a game that’s been around the block, having been released in Japan in 1997 before being ported to iOS and Android back in 2010. But it continues to be updated and well-reviewed, and it’s as enjoyable and satisfying as ever to set up your own studio and watch it grow.

1653114-game_dev_storyIt’s a mobile game that has stood the test of time in app years, and gets featured regularly on top app lists and continues to pull high ratings in both app stores. If you haven’t already, Game Dev Story would be a great way to pass sometime this summer.

Super Mario Run

Summer is a great time to get out and start running. Super Mario Run won’t help you do that, but it might help motivate you.


After much hype, this new kind of Mario game has finally hit the app store. With its highly intuitive one-touch gameplay and very simple mechanics, it’s the perfect game to pick up and play whenever you have a moment.

It’s free but unlocking the full version will cost a little extra. Give it a try and see how you like it, but the general opinion seems to be that it’s good, simple fun. Grab it on both iOS and Android.

Big Win Blackjack

Return to the classic card game. For those more competitively-inclined, online blackjack works great on mobile, and has become increasingly popular. Game are short, fast-paced and exciting. And while there are plenty of apps on all platforms to choose from, Big Win Blackjack is one of the best out there, with an intuitive design and plenty of great features.

If you’re keen to be the blackjack champion but need a refresher on the rules, Voodoo dreams has a guide that might help you out.



This one is iOS-only, but for the iPhone users among you it’s a real treat, and something quite different. A feverishly difficult but also calming puzzle game, _PRISM has you twisting, poking, sliding and swiping through three dimensional objects to open up the shape, revealing the glowing orb inside.

Screenshot 2017-05-09 09.19.57

With unique graphics and beautiful, melancholic music, _PRISM has earned its place on myriad top mobile games lists, and is well worth the £2.29 price tag.

It’s a shame that it’s only for iOS, but this last pick will hopefully alleviate that smartphone envy.


This Zelda-inspired, large-scale adventure game makes the most of the most powerful Android phones on the market to deliver this expansive, immersive journey.


Explore islands, traverse oceans, battle foes and find your father. Be warned that it’s quite difficult, but don’t let that scare you. Try out the first chapter for free before unlocking the rest in one purchase of £4.99. And with around ten to fifteen hours of story to play through, that’ll feel like a very small price to pay for a good summer’s adventure.

TechRadar called it “some of the best gaming you’ll experience on Android” and with good reason – it’s a truly well-crafted game that shows what smartphone gaming can really do.

Hopefully this list gives you a few ideas for great mobile games to pick up this summer. We tried to pick a diverse range of top games. But if none of these tickle your fancy, check out some of our previous suggestions. And similarly, not all the best games can be found in the app store