5 reasons why competitive gaming will overtake sports

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In just over a decade competitive gaming, or eSports, has blossomed from being a niche gaming activity to becoming an internationally recognised activity. With the rise of specialist TV channels and ee betting opportunities, it looks like competitive gaming is enjoying exponential growth that could soon see it overtake traditional sports thanks to these five reasons.


Due to the arrival of super-fast broadband, competitive gaming is now a global event. With massive tournaments such as Shanghai Major and IEM Katowice providing gamers with the chance to compete in front of thousands of cheering supporters, eSports has enjoyed a phenomenal growth that traditional sports could only dream of.


Like anything, the addition of money will greatly accelerate any activity’s prospects. The recent news that the upcoming Halo World Championships will feature a $2.5 million prize pot illustrates just how lucrative the gaming has become. And in line with such developments is the speculation that asks whether gaming bets will be all the rage in 2016? This is because of sites like Betway that offer ee betting on a huge range of games such as League of Legends and Dota 2, much as they would for traditional sports such as football and horse racing.


The rise of ee betting has definitely be aided by the likes of Twitch.tv that have risen to provide online viewing opportunities of many major competitive gaming tournaments. And with the news that top mainstream sporting channel ESPN will soon launch its own special eSports channel, it looks like competitive gaming will soon be a big feature of our terrestrial viewing habits.


Unlike sports such as football that take years to decide whether to use goal-line technology, eSports thrives on gaming innovation. With a range of genres ranging from battle arena games to the Capcom Pro Tour’s promotion of Street Fighter as an eSport, it’s clear that things move much more quickly in the competitive gaming world.

Virtual gaming

However, it’s the virtual future of eSports that promises to really help this become a world-beater. Thanks to pioneering companies such as Virtuix hosting the world’s first virtual reality gaming tournament, it’s added a much more physical element to the previously passive activity of competitive gaming. And with the virtual technologies allowing for a much more immersive viewing and ee betting experience, it looks like our sporting futures will all be a little more virtual.