Amazing Electric Tron Light Cycle Now A Reality!

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Hold onto your jaws as they drop with amazement guys! A company called Parker Brothers Choppers has replicated a fully functioning, road legal, Light Cycle that you’ll all hopefully know from the film, Tron.

Parker Brothers Choppers had already created a petrol model, but felt they had to create an electric version to stay true to the actual Light Cycles design in the film.

Sporting a 96-volt electric engine capable of reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour and roughly 100 miles of range, the electric Light Cycle is sure going to get Tron fans excited!

Another great feature of the Light Cycle is that it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge!









Check out this video to see the Electric Tron Light Cycle in action!


With the Electric Tron Light Cycle being road legal, you could actually try to get Parker Brothers Choppers to build one for you if you had the cash available for one. Pricing unfortunately isn’t available at this time though, but the petrol version cost around $55,000 so we’d expect it to be around that price tag.

Even if the pricing does end up being that high, who wouldn’t be tempted to purchase one of these!?

You can read more about the Electric Light Cycle over at Parker Brothers Choppers website here.

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