Amazing Online Games

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Online gaming is one of the more popular activities on the Internet, possibly even more popular than looking at pictures of cats. There’s thousands of titles to choose from, ranging from action games to sports, and also online slots.

Here’s a few of our favourite online games to keep you occupied for a few hours.

Another take on some of the classic “.io” games we’ve seen over the past year. puts your in a “battle ground” scenario where you need to destroy the other players’ ships. By doing so you gain extra points to upgrade your own ship. A fairly simple concept, but entertaining, game.

You can see from the gameplay below, courtesy of MasterOv on YouTube, that the game is extremely fun and features a wide range of different ships and ways to win.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

A twist on the popular Tower Defense game, Bloons (not a typo…) Tower Defense sees the player attempt to prevent balloons from reaching the end of a set course. This is done by placing various towers alongside the course, which pop the balloons in a range of different ways.

The game has been described by many as the best free tower defense game, and it’s easy to see why. I, myself, have played Tower Defense on occasion since I was in school, and have always found it entertaining and a great way to kill time.

You can see Bloons Tower Defense 5 in action in the video below.

Bingo Career

Bingo is an extremely popular game, with millions playing some variation of it around the world. A simple premise, with the user marking off the called numbers and hopefully getting a line, column or full house, but thoroughly entertaining and depending on where you’re playing it you could win some big prizes.

Bingo Career from Kongregate offers a great way to play bingo for free, with no way of losing any of your money.

You can find out bingo sites here and start winning cash straight away!