Apple iPad 3 full specs detailed

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As you should all know by now, Apple sent out its invitations to the March 7th event, presumably and most likely for the Apple iPad 3, last week. Well, it’s only five days away now and the rumours have been flying around like crazy recently. Check out the full specifications of the Apple iPad 3 here.

Here’s our list of what the Apple iPad 3 will most likely feature in terms of hardware, software and design.


It’s been reported for quite some time now that the Apple iPad 3 would sport a much higher quality display. And based on the rumours and leaks over the past few months it’s highly probable that the iPad 3 will feature a Retina Display.

The resolution of the Retina Display is said ot be a staggering 2048 x 1536

The display will feature more pixels than even some high-definition televisions and because the pixels are so small, images will look like printed material!


It’s also highly likely that the Apple iPad 3 will see the implementation of a brand new A6 processor, which should be a quad-core ARM-based processor if it wants to stay on top for the best part of a year. There have been quite a few quad-core announcements recently so we don’t really see why Apple wouldn’t decide to include a quad-core CPU.

The A6 CPU is also said to have been manufactured by Samsung, despite the two companies’ trying to destroy one another in there ongoing patent war.

Storage Options

This rumour hasn’t received as much publicity, but the inclusion of a 128GB model could well be on the cards. Apple’s latest touch device, the iPhone 4S, received its storage upgrade of a 64GB model so the iPad 3 could be receiving one as well.

However, all of this would depend on whether companies in Asia, who manufacture various parts of our electronic devices, would be able to keep up with demand after the previous years natural disasters.

High-speed 4G LTE Connectivity

This feature isn’t really going to make any difference to UK customers, but the iPad 3 is also reported to be receiving some high-speed 4G LTE connectivity options so US customers should be jumping for joy when the iPad 3 is unveiled on Wednesday 7th March.

Us UK users will probably still be waiting for nationwide 4G connections in 2020.

Thunderbolt port inclusion

Whilst Apple appear to be refusing to include USB ports on their devices, the inclusion of Apple’s own Thunderbolt port could be a different story all together. The Thunderbolt port provides ultra fast performance between accessories and displays on current iMacs, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

Bigger Battery

A casing, supposedly for the Apple iPad 3, was leaked / posted online in February. It suggested that an increase in battery and graphics power was definitely on the table. However, this again isn’t definite, but if the case was real we should definitely expect a better battery.

Design / Form Factor

Now, if you follow and know of the way Apple works, it should come as know suprise that the Apple iPad 3 will most likely be the same shape as the iPad 2. However, it will apparently be 1mm thicker to accommodate the new high-resolution display.

The Apple iPad 3 has also been rumoured to featuring an iPad 2 design with an angled aluminium casing.

The exclusion of a home button has also been speculated recently after Apple sent out the March 7th event invitations, which featured an Apple iPad with no home button.

Some said that the iPad was in landscape mode, but Gizmodo proved this to be incorrect because the wallpaper and space between the icons matched an iPad 2 in portrait mode. Check out the image below to compare.

iOS 5.1

This point is fairly set in stone. The Apple iPad 3 will almost definitely feature iOS 5.1 due to the fact that it’s already been released to developers.

Apple iPad 3 price

Price of Apple products is always a concern for those of us who have to actually save before we can afford one. However, the Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi model was released with a £399 ($499) price tag so if we see a fairly similar price, that means that we’ll be seeing an almost identical pricing structure.

However, this upgrade should be quite a big one so there’s no telling what Apple will decide to charge.

Well, that’s all we know for the moment! Be sure to check back here on March 7th where we’ll be posting updates about the March 7th event as they happen!