Capture those memories in as high quality as possible

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The summer holiday season is now over and while some of us maybe working hard, others maybe planning their winter holiday. One of the main necessities for your break is of course a digital camera (not forgetting your passport!). Capturing all those memories in as high quality as possible is an important affair, as is sharing them with friends and family on Facebook etc, but the thought of lugging around a bulky SLR camera in the sun… Not tempting for most of us. As a result this often leads to using out a mobile device or worse, a tablet. Please people, listen up, holding your tablet up in the air while capturing your family striking a pose isn’t cool, nor are the substandard photos produced.


Before you go and invest in a compact camera now, let me teach you a very basic principle to digital cameras: bigger equals better. Always. This doesn’t mean it has to be physically bigger, but more precisely the image sensor. The larger the sensor; the better the quality.


This is explained in the infographic below, where Sony have gone and added a 16.1. Megapixel DSLR sensor into their tiny Compact system camera. This could be compared to adding a jet engine into a Mini Cooper: it’s not meant to fit, but if it does it outperform others incredibly!


So next time you go camera shopping for your upcoming winter break, with this very simple camera advice in hand, please make an informed decision and don’t leave the store knowing you’ll be holding your tablet in air capturing breath-taking scenes. This is tragic for your ‘street cred’ and should be made a punishable offence.

Instead, do some research and you should be able to find a Compact system camera which performs similarly to a Digital SLR camera at over half the size and half the price like Sony’s range of NEX cameras, therefore saving you more room for holiday gifts and spending money.

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