Chinese man gets plastic surgery to look like Kim Jong-Un

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It’s not unusual for celebrities and people who can afford it to get plastic surgery, however a Chinese man who bared a slight resemblance to the North Korean dictator decided he wanted to get surgery to look even more like Kim Jong-Un.

The man in question is 32 year-old Wang Lei from China. Don’t let his unusual desire to look like an evil dictator fool you though. Lei has now found love with Liu Zixuan, an actress, at a plastic surgery clinic. It’s said that they both bonded over their love of going under the knife, and decided to go on a date.


Liu Zixuan (middle) with Wang Lei (right)

Zixuan, also a fan of cosmetic surgery, was at the clinic to get a check up after having breast enlargement surgery.

We may have a love triangle on our hands soon though, as Zixuan originally got breast enlargements after finding out that the son of China’s richest man preferred woman with a larger than normal chest.

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