Cutting Edge Technologies In The World Today

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It seems to improve on a day to day basis. Technology is constantly improving morphing, changing our very lives. There’s a glut of technological sophistication whereby competitiveness drives improvement. One only needs to look at the smartphone market to see the year on year improvements made. Here are some other cutting edge technologies you may not have heard about but could quickly change the future of our lives.


Augmented Reality


Virtual reality has landed. PSVR and the Oculus rift as well as other competitors are driving the gaming world insane and quite literally putting the consumer into the gaming world.  However, augmented reality is slowly coming to the fore, its usage will be mainly for business application it basically overlays information on a live visual feed, for example your phone’s camera. Currently, a program known as the Augmented ID Program is being developed to help direct people to geo-tagged tweeters on their friends list on Twitter as well as to the nearest pubs or restaurants just by pointing their cameras in whatever direction.


Advanced Business Analytics


Businesses need to constantly analyse customer behavior patterns to properly adapt and grow. Well, now technology has adapted so these analytics can be streamed and viewed live instead of having to view them afterward. This means streaming analytics can help your business predict customer buying trends and adapt accordingly. In a world of digital business, this can be a game changer.





We’ve all seen asimo, he’s brilliant. Robotics is getting more advanced all the time. Superior RV’s are being developed for space technology, drones are being used more frequently by world militaries and even domestic appliances such as the vacuum are being roboticized. The latest cutting edge trend are snake robots. Robots which can enter hard to reach places. These snake robots can freely wriggle into pipes and valves as well as in vessels that are difficult to access.


Wireless Charging


Wireless charging will change our lives. No more will laptops and smartphones need to be plugged in to achieve full charge, instead, the energy will transfer from one source to the intended target wirelessly, just like how your laptop picks up and connects to WI-FI. You likely wouldn’t even notice, and companies and transportation links would install the software to keep you topped up on the move.




It’s the thing of many sci-fi movies, but it’s now becoming a reality.  Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of materials in the atomic and molecular levels for revolutionising computing, not just by making the process faster but also by making computing devices a lot smaller. Their application is also being tested by scientists who believe they can enter our bodies and heal minute imperfections. They could also potentially enhance our immune systems and reach places doctors cannot. Nanites could not only further the field of medicine but also make current procedures far easier, invasive surgery could become a thing of the past. The world is changing fast, and it’s certainly hard to keep up with the vast amount of technological innovation. We’re just lucky we live in a world where it’s all possible.