Did You Know All These Facts About Domain Names?

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I bet you didn’t.

With the World Wide Web being around in our lives since the early 90s, a lot of strange and interesting things have happened with regards to domain names. We type them into our web browsers nearly every day, but it’s rare that we would stop to think about the stories behind them.

Video streaming site mix-up

When Youtube.com was registered on February 14, 2005, a massive amount of traffic was mistakenly going to the site of Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment: Utube.com. The domain was promptly overwhelmed and their servers crashed almost immediately, but we think by now, people know how to get to the more popular domain.

Nissan doesn’t back down

A man named Uzi Nissan actually bought Nissan.com – a software and computer company – way back in 1994, but when the car manufacturer of the same name asked him to sell… he didn’t want to. A long and complicated court battle occurred, but perhaps most surprisingly, Uzi Nissan came out the victor and still has the domain name today. Funnily enough, the car company Nissan often mistakenly tweets out the wrong URL – whoops. These sorts of proceedings happen all the time, most recently with a dispute over starwars.co.uk.

No more three-character .com domains

Apparently, there are over 50,000 possible three-character .com combinations available, but every one of them has been snapped up since 1997. This is obviously because they are easy to remember and quick to type out. You can always try a domain provider to see what else you can get, however.

There’s always one greedy guy

Always one to seek out a business opportunity, someone called Mike Mann purchased exactly 14,962 domains in 24 hours in 2012. Mann evidently had the goal to sell off many of these to any company who might be interested one day, and it’s not surprising, considering that domains like vacationrental.com sold for $45 million and privatejet.com sold for 30.18 million.

Is it Google or Googol?

Google.com was registered in 1997, but if the domain had been free at the time, we would have had Googol.com, instead. It actually seems strange to think of the company with any other spelling.

Free domain names

Interestingly, it was actually free to register a domain name before 1995. A shame if you didn’t think of getting one until 1996.