Discover New Online Games


Discover New Online Games

If you get bored with looking at your social media feeds and playing the games you already have, perhaps the time has come for you to discover some new online games. Maybe you should try something totally different to the games you already have. Whether you have an Android or an Apple Phone, there is loads of choice and many of the best games on offer are free.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games of all types have been played for hundreds of years; they have a history going back centuries.  Some of the ones on your smartphone might feel as though they are that old but there are some really good ones as well.

1010! Starts with a 10 x10 grid and you have to place shapes to form a complete line. This may sound a bit like the old game of Tetris but it is different and totally unique. It gives you time to think about your next move but don’t let that fool into thinking it is easy, because it is not.

Scribblenauts Remix asks players to come up with their own solutions to 50 puzzles, although, you can buy more if you get hooked.

Cards, Slots and Dice Games

Most of us played these sorts of games at some stage when we were younger, and you will find lots of free versions of classic games such as Solitaire, Yahtzee and similar for your digital device. The easiest way to access some of your other favourite card and dice games is to join an online casino. There are plenty to choose from, with Poker, Craps, and slot versions of most games readily available, there are literally thousands of games to play, but many entering them for the first time opt for a no deposit bonus casino, so they get to try out the games without spending any money.

‘Candy Crush Fan’ – Themeplus via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Adventure Games

Adventure games come in all levels of difficulty, and even within them, you can start on an easy level and progress to the much harder ones.

Doom and Destiny Advanced are meant to be fun, with the humorous dialogue keeping you from taking it too seriously. There are more than 500 places to explore, 15 character classes, and 22 outfits to choose from. This game will give you many hours of fun as you try to win some of the online powers.

Swordigo is a bit more traditional than many of the new adventure games. You move to different levels getting the bad guys on your way. It has lots of locations, gear, and magic to help you achieve your goal

Classic Games

Just because it is an old classic does not mean a game is not good. Players still become addicted to games such as Tetris, Mahjong, Bingo and many others that have been around for a long time. You may feel they are too outdated for you, but if you are trying to discover some new online games, you should give some of these a go. You might be surprised at how much fun some of them can be, and will then perhaps understand why they have outlived some of the newer games that only lasted a year or two.