Dismaland: The UK’s most disappointing visitor attraction

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Move out of the way Disneyland, the UK has the next best attraction. Dismaland is a Banksy creation that features exhibits such as a Cinderella pumpkin carriage crash and the possibility to have a go on the dodgems with the Grim Reaper.


Banksy, as many of you will know, is an anonymous graffiti artist who isn’t afraid to make bold statements in the form of art. His typical work is usually in the form of spray paintings on the street, which combine dark humour with his distinctive stencilling technique. You could say that this is the next step for Banksy; some really messed up Disney-related scenarios in the form a giant art exhibit.

Dismaland, which has been billed as the “UK’s most disappointing visitor attraction”, has been created in the former Tropicana lido on the Weston-Super-Mare seafront. The attraction plays host to some rather interesting exhibits including a modernised Punch and Judy show that references both Fifty Shades of Grey and disgraced entertainer Jimmy Savile. What more could you want from an “amusement” park?


The park has been designed to look like the most depressing place on earth it seems, with staff donning hi-vis pink jackets and Mickey Mouse ears. I don’t even need a picture to know I’d be depressed if I was dressed like that… Here’s one anyway!


Source: Wired