Disney announce Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2

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If you’re old enough you’ll remember when the first Toy Story came out back in 1995. It’s hard to believe that was 20 years ago. In the time since then we have had Toy Story 2, released in 1999, and also a very long 11 year wait for Toy Story 3. Well, Disney have now announced that Toy Story 4 is in development. As well as this, you should expect to see Incredibles 2, Finding Dory and Cars 3.

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The news, announced by chief creative director John Lasseter, was revealed at the Disney bi-annual D23 Expo in California.

“Walt Disney studios is back,” exclaimed chief creative officer John Lasseter as he kicked off the event. Lasseter also cited the studio’s successive hits since he and Ed Catmull (Pixar) took over after Disney’s acquisition of Pixar back in 2006. Lasseter also stated that the success was down to “changing the studio from an executive driven studio to a filmmaker driven studio.”

Among the new Disney Animation films that were announced were a few others; including Zootopia, directed by Byron Howard (Tangled) and Rich Moore (Wreck it Ralph). Zootopia is an animated cop-comedy, with the main character being a bunny police officer, set in an animal-made metropolis.

Next we’ve got Gigantic, which is a Disney/Pixar version of Jack And The Beanstalk. Due in 2018, Gigantic features a Spanish version of Jack, is more of a musical and is directed by Tangled co-director Nathan Greno.

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“The one question we get asked most often is: will we do a sequel to Finding Nemo. And we get asked by one person in particular,” joked Lasseter, before showing a clip of Ellen DeGeneres (the voice of Dory) pleading with Pixar to do a sequel as a running gag in her TV show.

DeGeneres then appeared on stage, with fellow Finding Dory cast members, to talk about Finding Dory. The Finding Nemo sequal is set six months after the original, and follows Dory Marlin and Nemo as they try to find Dory’s family. The film is said to be hilariously funny and beautifully animated.


Among new releases such as Moana, which features Dwayne Johnson, Coco, The Good Dinosaur, we eventually get to the biggest announcement of the day. Toy Story 4.

It took 11 years for Toy Story 3 to make an appearance, but Toy Story 4 is coming soon. Lasseter states that Pixar only make sequels when they know they’ve found a story as good, or better, than the original.

“It is a love story between Woody and Bo Peep. Woody and Buzz Lightyear head out to find Bo,” says Lasseter.  “It’s very very special. It’s a very personal story for me. It’s inspired by my wife Nancy.” 

Both Lasseter and co-creator Andrew Stanton apparently met in secret whilst developing the script, to avoid anyone getting their hopes up. Well, we can’t wait, and imagine it will surpass everyone’s expectations.

Unfortunately nothing regarding Incredibles 2 or Cars 3 was revealed during the presentation, despite being revealed on Expo posters.

Are you looking forward to all of these new Disney / Pixar releases? Let us know which ones in the comments below.

Source: Wired