Don’t Survive, Thrive Online

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You might think it’s easy to set up an online business and make it a success, but this just isn’t true. While it is significantly cheaper to set up an online company, there are challenges that you’ll have to handle. You can’t just assume that it’s going to work out simply because you’re not taking on as greater risk as a business with an office.

First, you need to think about whether your company is right for the online business world. Not every business is suited for the digital environment. For instance, you might be appealing specifically to a local target audience. If that’s the case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to focus purely online. Those customers will probably want the option of meeting you in person rather than just through email. Particularly if they are aware you are located a few miles away.

It also depends on what you’re selling. Some customers are more reluctant to buy certain products online without meeting the seller’s face to face. Although, the list of products that customers will refuse to buy online gets shorter with every passing day.

So, now that we’ve shown not every business is suited for the digital market, let’s look at some of the challenges you’re going to face if you take this route.

Making Your Website A Success

If you’re operating mainly online, your website becomes the most important part of your company. There’s no way around this, you’ll need to make sure that it is able to be everything customers and consumers want it to be. It should be a source of information, a beacon of what your business is and what it can be. It must also be completely accessible.

Logically speaking, if you make it easier for customers to buy you’re going to see an increased number of sales. It’s as simple as that. So the question to answer here is how do we make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from your business?

Well, firstly your website need to be fast and fluid. Pages shouldn’t freeze and loading times should not be an age. If this happens, you can bet that your customers are going to get bored and they will move onto the competition. You can solve this issue with a service like Wizz website hosting. By hosting your site, you will have complete control over speed and performance. Don’t forget that your site ranking is also determined by how long customers stay on your site. If they don’t hang around for very long at all, you can bet that your ranking is going to be low. Now, whether that’s a problem for you will depend on the type of marketing you are using.

You can use organic forms of SEO, or you can buy a spot in the SERPs. There’s no right answer here, and it’s entirely your choice. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, but you must use one or the other. Otherwise, your site won’t be getting the type of interest you need to keep your company profitable.

Link Building

Contrary to belief, link building isn’t about putting links on your site. Instead, link building is all about building links with other websites and companies online as well as potentially, consumers. By doing this, you will expand your customer reach and make sure you are getting as many people as possible to buy your product. The trick here is finding mutual customers with companies that aren’t in direct competition with you.

An example of this would be a parenting blog. Parenting blogs give advice to new parents or two parents who are dealing with problems with their kids. If you are selling baby products or even child toys, this is the perfect place to market your product. Building a link with this blog, you will be able to gain chances for sponsored content and attract a whole new group of customers to your business.


Finally, you must make sure that you are interacting with customers and clients online. They don’t just want this, they more or less expect and demand it. These days, if your company doesn’t have social network profiles so that you that customers can connect, you are going to fail.

As well as this, it’s another chance at link building. By interacting with customers online and through social profiles, you can actually encourage the possibility of UGC. User Generated Content is a brilliant way to market subtly to other customers and make sure you seize their attention.