Duff Beer: A premium lager available to purchase soon!

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I doubt I really have to tell you all where Duff Beer originates from, but for those of you not in the know (where have you been?!) it’s from the iconic animated show The Simpsons. And I can’t recall too many times as a child where I didn’t see Homer Simpson downing a chilled Duff Beer, and now you can experience that too! Well, not just yet but very soon!

This news comes direct from 21st Century Fox who announced recently that they’ll be launching Duff Beer internationally, starting with Chile and then working their way around various countries in South America and then Europe by early 2016. Duff Beer is synonymous with The Simpsons, and despite 21st Century Fox only just realising its potential as a real product, many have previously tried to capitalise on it. However, their attempts have resulted in their operations being shut down by lawsuits from 21st Century Fox.


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Executives decided to capitalise on the Duff brand after seeing the many unauthorised versions of Duff Beer in South America, resulting in many happy fans around the world. Now, you’d think this would just be a gimmick to sell loads of Simpsons merchandise, but apparently 21st Century Fox will be keeping The Simpsons branding extremely minimal if any at all. The reason being that The Simpsons is loved by many, most of those being young children, so it is probably for the best that such a family orientated program isn’t seen to be marketing alcohol at children.

How will it taste? Well, the media giants have apparently hired British brewmaster Paul Farnsworth to create the product. The premium lager will apparently be well balanced and taste very good. There’s a caramel aroma as well, according to Jeffrey Godsick (president / 21st Century Fox Consumer Product division).

Now it’s one thing for us to be told that it will taste amazing, but it’s another thing entirely on whether it actually does. And with The Simpson’s marketing for Duff throughout the years telling us that it’s not a very good alcoholic beverage, who knows how well Duff Beer will actually sell.

“Duff is inspired by the brand that’s in the show, but it begins and ends at that,” Mr. Godsick said. “It’s a completely stand-alone brand…you will not see any characters from the show involved in the marketing in any way.”

They seem to have everyone’s best interests at heart based on what they’ve said to the media, with a marketing campaign for Duff said to be completely separate from it’s cartoon series. However, the show isn’t completely against underage drinking apparently with some episodes openly promoting it – “Now, son, you don’t want to drink beer,” Homer does tell Bart in one episode. “That’s for daddies—and kids with fake IDs.”

Time will only tell how well this does as an actual product, there’s definitely enough money floating around to promote it though.

Source: WSJ

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