Earth Networks’ ENcast: Pinpoint Accurate Forecasts Around the Globe

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Inclement weather causes billions of dollars in losses every year in everything from crop destruction to sports event disruption. A prediction model is only as good as the data input. Weather station software can fail when it doesn’t have up-to-date local meteorological information. Earth Networks’ ENcast uses world weather data combined with real-time observations to produce the most accurate short-range forecast possible.

The Best Local Data

ENcast gives you access to information from 35,000 locations around the world with 12,000 of these stations exclusive to Earth Networks. ENcast receives updates every 2 seconds; no other weather station software can match its precision in the 0-18 hour range.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The most precise set of global models are combined with local weather and lightning observations at the neighbourhood level. By combining multiple models with findings from nearby stations, ENcast outperforms any other forecast solution.

Sensor Forecast

Receive forecasts that include 24-hour high and low temperatures and precipitation probability. These forecasts can be generated from Earth Networks’ sensors, government METAR observations, ocean buoys or your own sensors. By placing a sensor at a site, you can receive detailed information where you need it the most.

Location Forecast

ENcast also provides forecasts for locations without a sensor, giving you up-to-date weather predictions for anywhere in the world. Request any latitude/longitude coordinates and receives updates on their weather.

City Forecast

Over 50,000 cities receive forecasts with observations from the Earth Networks Weather Network. No matter where in the world you do business, you’ll always have accurate information.

Hourly Upgrade

Your 0-15 day forecasts will be updated twice a day, every day so that you can track any storm before it even appears on the horizon. If you need a more precise prediction, upgrade to the premium service for hourly updates in the 0-6 day range.

Pinpoint accurate forecasts allow your business to prepare for rain, snow or lightning. ENcast is the weather station software that allows you to see into the meteorological future. By linking world weather data models with local information updated every 2 seconds, you can protect your business’s income and assets.