Fun and Interesting Office Spaces from around the World

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It’s safe to say that when you’re working in a bog-standard office environment it can sometimes be hard to get yourself motivated and in the right mindset, and that can have an effect on various areas of a business such as punctuality & attendance, operating costs and more. Many of the top tech companies, and other companies in different sectors, have opted for a much more interactive and laid back environment when it comes to designing their offices. Companies such Google and Facebook are probably some of the most well-known companies for having incredibly fun working environments. Let’s take a look at some of the most enjoyable, and craziest, environments that people from around the world work in.

Facebook Offices – London

There is nothing worse than being confined to a square room with colourless & lifeless walls where the only decorations in view are some half-eaten donuts that Dave brought in on his way to work. This is why subtle decorative additions, such as sofas, colourful murals on the walls, and even giant like buttons and various other props can have a much needed positive effect on people at work.


Free, readily available snacks and meals are also a great way to please employees. I mean, who doesn’t love sweets, or cookies?!


Groupon Offices – Chicago

If subtle office additions aren’t your thing then take a look at Groupon’s Chicago-based office where you can relax in an island-themed office with indoor swings!


TBWA Hakuhodo Ad Agency – Tokyo

As great as both Facebook & Groupon’s offices are, they’re lacking that connection to nature that brings a sense of peace and tranquility to an office. Sure, this could be achieved with a few plants scattered around, however TBWA Hakuhodo have gone a step further by introducing indoor lawn areas to their offices where employees can work or take a break. A great idea in our opinion!


These few examples of interesting and fun offices from around the world are great ways of getting your employees motivated and generally psyched to come to work. The level of creativity within these companies is evident when you take a look at the actual products and services they produce; a sure sign that these intriguing and fun environments definitely contribute to improved attendance at work and also a much higher level of creativity and production.

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