Getting the Most Out of Sports Betting App


As with everything else that embraces technology, sports betting has evolved in recent years. There are now things we take for granted, like betting live in play or choosing our own betting markets, that would have been inconceivable a few years ago.

Still, not all of us are using sports betting sites and apps astutely. Put simply, there are many effective tips and tricks that should be utilised for a better overall – and hopefully profitable – experience. No punter is guaranteed to win, but take a look at these ideas to help you maximise profits:

Check out the latest features

These days, there is more of a thought process applied to betting than simply predicting who will win; different features offered by online bookies will reflect that. Betfair’s Acca Edge, for example, offers an insurance policy for your bet if one selection lets you down. It works by offering slightly lower odds in exchange for the insurance. So, hypothetically, you could pick three football teams to win at odds of 15/1, applying Acca Edge might offer odds of 12/1, but you would get your stake returned as cash should one team lose. It’s a good way to soften the blow of a risky bet.

Do it your way

Have you noticed that football bets advertised on television are always focused on markets like player to score next? It’s a deliberate move by bookmakers to nudge punters towards betting on events that are hard to predict. Thankfully, competition in the industry has led to innovation like build-a-bet/request-a-bet features. Put simply, you can request a bet combination of your choosing, then the bookie will respond by putting it on the app. It could be something unquantifiable like Paul Pogba to hit the crossbar three times in the match, or something based in statistics like a combination of the number of throw ins and corners. Using stats to research the latter can really help with profit.

Use Offers Wisely

It might surprise you just how many bettors ignore promotions or, if they do take them up, use them unwisely. Let’s take the upcoming Premier League season as an example. Chelsea (14/1) and Manchester United (9/1) look like decent value from Coral. But they are a long way behind favourites Manchester City (7/10) and Liverpool (7/2). But, why not use a free bet to back one selection and use your own money to back another? That way you can maximise your chances for profit. You can visit here for free bet offers from Coral and other top bookies.

Embrace live in-play betting

Once you place a bet, the result is outside of your control. But, we now have the option of live betting, watching as the game’s momentum shifts. If anyone caught Roger Federer’s epic Wimbledon quarter-final with Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon 2018, they would have seen a dramatic shift in momentum – in Anderson’s favour – during the latter stages of the match. Federer, the hot-favourite, was outgunned by Anderson in a shock result, but one could see it coming. Who knows how many savvy punters cashed in on the big odds for the Anderson win by betting in-play on an app as Federer visibly folded on court?

Above all, stay calm

While not strictly to do with sports apps and betting features, staying calm when having a bet is key no matter what technology you use. Keep level-headed, make selections with your head not your heart, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time. Remember, you can use your sports betting app to limit everything from deposits to the amount of time spent betting. Play it your way.