Give Your Site Some Spice

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Whether it’s for a business, a personal brand, a blog or anything else, you want your website to get and keep visitors. That’s usually a primary goal. Nowadays, to do that, you’re competing for attention against thousands and thousands of other sites. So, it should be no surprise that you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. Content might add depth to your site and good navigation is crucial to stopping visitors from getting sick of it. But if you want to wow them, you’re going to need to add a little spice.


Direct their attention

Great sites are usually minimalist. They don’t crowd a page with lots of different pieces of content, lots of different images and videos, or a plethora of widgets. They use the viewer’s attention and ensure that it’s directed towards one thing at a time. They offer bold images and only snippets of content, just enough to get people clicking further into the site. A good, minimalist website is a great way to ensure you have some control over where the visitor’s information goes. If you use calls-to-action, affiliate links, or you want to direct them to the site, then getting them to click where you want is a crucial way of making more money with the site.

Create an experience

When you think of a site, in most cases it tends to be little more than a bunch of text and images. This can certainly serve a purpose, but the sites that blow people away are those that offer something more. They offer an experience. It’s all about deciding whether you want to hire someone to build it or if you can tackle it yourself with tools like the right Firefox add-ons. An on-site app allows you to customise the experience of the visitor to an even deeper level than usual. If you want to offer people access to your services, for instance, then a custom app built into the site, whether for e-commerce, pricing, or otherwise, can be just the ticket.

Let the pictures do the talking

If you want to go for a minimalist design, but you have a lot to say on your site, you should think about how you say what you want. A lot of sites are starting to learn that using multimedia can sometimes be the better way to communicate a message. For instance, think about a content piece you have written or planned in writing. Could a colourful, simple infographic give all the same information? If you want to talk about a product or a service, do you need a written tutorial or could an information or demonstration video be the right way to say what you want to say? People tend to have a lot more patience to spare for multimedia as it’s much less demanding on their time and focus.

The best sites impress on first glance then keep drawing the user deeper by pleasing their senses, from the senses of sight and sound to the sense of curiosity. Hopefully, the tips above give you an idea of how you can go about doing that.