Heroes Reborn: NBC Sci-Fi series returns

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I’m sure you all remember the sci-fi series Heroes. Who can forget the likes of Hiro, Claire or Peter with their powers to control time, heal and absorb others powers, respectively? Well, the new Heroes Reborn series has been confirmed and should be back on our screens within the next couple of months.

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Some of you will be saddened by the news that some of your favourite characters from the show won’t be returning (Claire, Peter and Sylar, to name a few). However, Heroes regulars such as Noah Bennet, Matt Parkman, and Micah Sanders will be taking some leading roles on the new show.

Previous stars of Heroes have made it clear in interviews that they won’t be returning to the rebooted show. One being Zachary Quinto (Sylar) who stated that the Heroes part of his career is something he isn’t looking to go back to. And who would blame him, with his current successful roles in the Star Trek franchise and also in TV mini-series The Slap.

Actor Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman in the show, was the moderator for the Heroes Reborn panel at Comic Con. He himself has said that he’s extremely excited for Reborn to start. Other stars Jack Coleman, Noah Gray-Cabey and Jimmy Jean-Louis (Noah Bennet, The Haitian and Micah Sanders, respectively) were on the panel along with show creator Tim Kring.

Kring stated that the new show will be set 5 years after Claire Bennet publicly took a suicide plunge and revealed her true self to the world, at the carnival. This act consequently brought all Evos (evolved humans) out of the woodwork and in to the limelight. A serious consequence for her actions results in all Evos having to register their abilities so that they can be tracked and made accountable for any of their actions. However, this has pushed many of the heroes underground.

After Tim Kring’s unveiling of what’s in store for our heroes, we can’t wait for the series reboot! With the relaunch premiering on Sept. 24, there’s not too long to wait either. The new series will be a 13-episode deal, much like the last few series of Heroes.

Save the cheerleader heroes. Save the world.

You can check out the trailer for Heroes Reborn below. Let us know what you think? Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TechReviews_UK

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