How to Boost Your Brain Activity to Write a Cool Dissertation

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pop to pharmacy and buy some NZT-48 to get that dissertation done in no time at all, like in the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper? Sure it would. Unfortunately NZT-48 doesn’t exist and boosting your brain power takes time, consistent effort and (at least a little) money. There are two main methods for improving brain activity, brain exercises and the analysis of this process. Applying both these methods will help you write a cool dissertation in no time at all.


1. Analysis of Writing Process


  • Research: Before writing any dissertation you need to take an essential step, that is, the research. By doing extensive research, applying analytical tools and methods that are logical as well as creative you will gain the best information about any topic you wish to base your dissertation on. During this process graphical illustrations can be very helpful because they increase brain activity from the beginning, leading to the exploration of more information. In short, it’s an exercise on how you will handle the writing process entirely. Also, during the research, physical activities such as deep breathing will help you improve your thinking abilities because of increased oxygen levels in the brain.


  • Topic Selection: Your brain activity is taken to the next level when you decide on a topic for the dissertation. Brainstorming will enable you to consider a variety of topics, and also the pros and cons of each topic. One thing you should keep in mind here is that you should be objective and unbiased so that you’re not prejudice to one of the topics without ruling out their merits and demerits. If you are getting confused here, relax yourself by halting this process for few moments and then revert back to where you stopped.


  • The Actual Writing Process: Now for the actual writing process. Don’t forget to keep yourself happy and your mind in a good place, because the moment you start letting yourself feel the pressure your thought process will instantly begin to slow down. It’s also a good idea to not forget to visualise the topics you have brainstormed in order to not lose attention on the key points that the reader will usually need to know. By doing this you will get the core of your dissertation.



2. Some Brain Exercising


You may have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. More accurately, practice means permanent, meaning that practicing the wrong things will make it easier in the future to continue practicing the wrong things and vice versa. Brain exercises help to make brain activity easier in the future. Puzzles such as Sudoku and crosswords tax the brain, as do strategy games such as solitaire; most of which are available as smartphone apps. Ultra-cool app Limbo is a thought provoking game designed to keep you entertained while building mind skills. PC game Braid is an awesome way to keep your mind interested while in front of the computer. Aside from games, social networking is a proven way to stimulate brain activity, so taking steps to widen your network will also help widen your mind’s horizons. There are some fairly easy ways to do this. Joining websites that will lead to physically meeting up with others such as, a website full of special interest groups, is a good idea. Joining a debating group will exercise your mind while building confidence in making convincing presentations. Considering both sides of an argument is a great way to develop brainpower when writing a dissertation. Physical exercise is a proven way to extend the cardiovascular fitness gains to more efficiently get nutrients to neurons in the brain. In addition, the physical exhaustion incurred leads to a much deeper & recuperative sleep which proven to help concentration. Finally taking up meditation will lead to a clearer more focused mind, especially during the times you need it.


In short, the techniques mentioned above are a great way to boost your brain activity in order to write a good dissertation from scratch that will be both informative and interesting for the reader.