How to Choose an Online Slot Game

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For whatever reason, the rush of a quick game of chance has a profound effect on our psyche, which when rewarded, is hard to beat for pure enjoyment. Slot machines can strike the perfect balance of chance and entertaining stakes for millions of people. They have long been the biggest draw at the Casino’s, and with their transition to the realm of online games, the popularity of slots has only grown.

Slots have gotten so big online that it can be hard to tell which games are worth playing and which are, frankly, trash. We will go over some of the better websites and games and the criteria for picking the one that best suits you – but really there is only so much you can cover in one article.

If you have a hankering for more info on the sites and games we will cover, or the mentioned ones don’t tickle your fancy, slot review sites like SlotSpinners that checks on the new online slot sites found all over the internet. They will usually also offer you a free play so can see if a game suits you.

Alright, now without further ado let’s jump into the types of slot websites and games available on the internet and how to pick the one right for you.

Select Your Preferred Type of Slot

It used to be easy to know what kind of software a slot game was using (there used to be only about three) but now there are quite a few different companies producing these games for online casino sites. Rather than relying on the company behind the game nowadays (though that can be a useful method once you found one you really like), I suggest you focus more on the type of slot game you prefer.

3 Reel vs. 5 Reel (or multiple/Honeycomb slots.)

Tradition seems to hold that while players may win more on the multi-reel slots, the tried and true three slot reels will usually pay out more. Five reel slots offer you more betting options and ways to win, and honeycomb reels take these options even further, but the payout will usually drop in equivalency to these higher chances. It’s unlikely you will be able to find the actual win percentage or RTP (return to player) for a slot game since they are a closely guarded secret – so really you have to base this decision on which play style fits you better – and in some cases – trial and error. This is why demo modes are a must.

If you go to a site like where you can play and win real money on online casino slots you can find dozens of games that you can try a free sample of. While most of the slot games at PrimeSlots have an artistic face and well-designed look, the way they function will typically remain either a 3, 5 or honeycomb reel game.

Play Smart and Experiment

Building your bankroll is the name of the game. Having some basic earnings will allow you to experiment with other game and take bigger risks. Find a game you are comfortable with and bet small. If you get some winnings, use that to test out the waters in more complex games and see how they treat you. Use the bonuses for signing up/playing – try to focus on those at first and build up some credit.

The variation of return between different games will likely be around a 1-4% difference, which can take eons to calculate for yourself accurately. Rather than trying to look for a game that seems to be kind to you in the luck category, it’s better to find one that suits your betting style. Repeated low bets have a higher chance of garnering you free spins and other bonuses, but as we stated before, the jackpots will typically be on the smaller end.

Pro Tips

The math behind these games is such that the chance to payout ratio will likely remain the same, only your wagered amount will be a significant variable. With that in mind, there are a few habits that are used by the pro’s that couldn’t hurt to emulate.

Pro’s typically avoided games that use the buy-a-pay system or a multi-line pay system. Meaning games that will either penalise you for not paying a certain amount or reward you with more possible lines the higher you pay. These games tend to have math that severely reduces your chances of winning unless you bet the higher amounts.

Many Pro’s also recommend sticking to high-frequency games (lower payout but more wins). Chasing only the huge jackpot is playing against the numbers. High-frequency payoff machines are set to have a higher win percentage in the lower bet range. Judging if the game you’re playing more often rewards high or low stakes can be tricky. Try evaluating the payout prices between games and compare how much they reward lower bets. It may go against your gut instinct, but a game with a lower payout for a similar small bet will typically reward that payout much more often. When trying to build up your initial bankroll, this is probably the way to go.

Have Fun

Though you can push things a little more in your favour by sticking to the advice we covered, slots are inherently a game based almost wholly on chance. The best game for you is always the one that will pay back your investment of time and money with actual enjoyment. Find a game that lets you have fun with the process.