How to Protect Your Family in a Tech Generation

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Keeping your family safe is one of the most fundamental parts of daily life. While it is easier to stay safe these days thanks to advanced security systems; there are still some risks that CCTV and the like can’t protect your family from – here’s a few things to consider:

Monitoring Your Children

We all know children are curious and tend to end up in trouble, whether by design or accident, but you needn’t let them get into trouble online or via their mobile phones. Applications such as Qustodio allow parents to ensure their children have mobile phones, for emergencies, but can limit their access to certain apps and share details of their conversations – whoever they may be talking to.

It would be draconian to believe this is invasive of children’s privacy; it is for their own safety.

Monitoring Your Home

As mentioned, CCTV is a welcome addition to any home as it allows you to keep an eye on things and offer evidence in the instance of a break in. However, adding a video doorbell to your home, such as Ring, will allow you to ‘answer the door’ from wherever you are.

A feed of the person at your doorstep can be streamed to a device allowing you to speak to them; sending them away if so required or advising them of your whereabouts if not.

For ultimate security day or night, Opgal’s suite of thermal cameras provide you with thermal vision and detection. The camera offers 24/7 surveillance capabilities, customisable security solutions, and high contrast video even in extreme weather conditions.

Developing Trust

When you, or your family, are browsing the internet; it doesn’t take much to end up on a website that isn’t quite as trustworthy as you might like it to be. To avoid this situation, adding Web of Trust to your browser is a good first step as the add on rates every website you try to access – controls are in place to prevent access to any sites that score below a certain rating for added piece of mind.

Parental Controls

Whether it’s your television, computer or even a games console; Parental Controls are available to limit access to potentially harmful or inappropriate content. Making use of these controls is a great way to keep everyone in your household safe.