Ice mountains discovered on Pluto

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With NASA’s New Horizons probe sending back some great close-up pictures of the dwarf planet, some of the photos reveal 11,000 foot high ice mountains.

The close-up pictures are the first pictures sent back enabling us to see some great structures on Pluto.


The New Horizons team have said that the mountains are made of ice and water, and are likely to have volcanoes and geysers.

“There are mountains in the Kuiper Belt,” said principal investigator Alan Stern. “We now have an isolated small planet that is showing activity after 4.5 billion years.”

“The steep topography means the mountains must be made of water ice. We can be very sure the water is there in great abundance. It suggests that geysers and volcanoes are present.”

The ice mountains that have been discovered are said to be a similar size to the North American Rockies, according to scientists.


Image credit: The Guardian

Source: Telegraph