iPhone 5 revealed accidentally by Casemate

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It looks as though the iPhone 5 has been revealed by case manufacturer Casemate.

Casemate was super fast at bringing down the page with these iPhone 5 photos which makes us think this wasn’t on purpose. Apple are known not to give out their hardware especially to accessory manafactureres so this could be just a mimick of the the size specifications or you never know it could be the real iPhone 5.

It looks like they have gone for a iPod Touch/iPad look to it with the aluminium backplate, and all the buttons are where you would expect apart from the mute swtich which has moved sides, none of the images had a view of the front of the device only the back to show the cases.

Casemate have never leaked anything before and it seems weird that they took it off as soon as it went up. This could be just a advertising technique making people go to their site, and i can tell you it worked.

What do you think? Fake? Legit?

Here are some pictures: