Microsoft and PC gaming! Where are we heading?

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Microsoft has lately been releasing statements that are largely uncomfortable for PC Gamers. The ‘Universal Windows Platform’ has been causing tidal ripples across the tech world. ‘Epic’ boss Tim Sweeney termed it as the “most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made”. So whats the problem, if any.

The UWP is designed for developers to release software’s that can be used on all Microsoft devices like PCs, phones tablets and Xbox. It also upgrades security by modernizing its security similar to the iOS.

Sounds great right? And it is! Developers are really looking forward to it. But its accompanied with less desirable windows 10 features.

Since November, the default windows 10 allow games to be downloaded from places other than the Microsoft store, which was a humongous sigh for the wailing gamers. But games still need to be approved by Microsoft to be launched which gives great control to Microsoft on the gaming marketplace.

“The ultimate danger here is that Microsoft continually improves UWP while neglecting and even degrading win32,” believes ‘Epic’ boss Tim Sweeney, “over time making it harder for developers and publishers to escape from Microsoft’s new UWP commerce monopoly.”

Sweeny further went on to say “To make Microsoft the sole arbiter of which developers and apps are allowed on the Windows platform is a dramatic change in status quo. Once Microsoft is in that position, there is no limit to the power they can wield over all of us in the future.”

Sweeney has been a long term partner with Microsoft and Epic cannot have any obvious reason to mar their relationship with Microsoft, and still he believes developers should oppose this progress.

What have Microsoft said?

Kevil Gallo, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows, told The Guardian: “The Universal Windows Platform is a fully open ecosystem, available to every developer, that can be supported by any store. We continue to make improvements for developers.”

So what now?

Sweeney believes that Microsoft’s actions contradicts their words and taking into account Microsoft’s past promises that have come up short with regards to Windows gamers, he does have credible arguments

“This isn’t a PR issue,” he says. “It’s an existential issue for Microsoft, a first-class determinant of Microsoft’s future role in the world.”

A closed distribution platform of sorts has been one of the best things to happen to PC gaming. But for users that like to try casino online for an example, there still remains a choice of where you get games from. It is sensible to keep an eye out for any possible future that may snatch this freewill away from us.