Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition: The best way to experience Minecraft on the go

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There’s no point in me explaining what Minecraft, or the concept of Minecraft, is. You all should be aware of it by now. The best mobile version of Minecraft, prior to the Nintendo Switch edition, was Minecraft Pocket Edition – which you can play on your mobile device on both iOS and Android. Minecraft PE was, and still is, a great way to kill a few hours when you’re without a laptop or desktop PC and need to get your block-building fix, however it never feels the same as loading up a proper desktop version.


Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is supposedly a happy medium between Pocket Edition and the full desktop version, with the convenience of playing on a mobile device, but with the advanced controls and settings you get on a console.

The Nintendo Switch Edition has been customised slightly for the Switch, so unfortunately there has been a slight downgrade in the appearance and also with the worlds being slightly smaller than normal, however it provides much more flexibility than other mobile versions.


A cool Super Mario Mash-Up Pack gives the world a Mario-themed makeover, with the inclusion of some Nintendo enemies – a rather cool addition if you ask me.


Unfortunately the game only runs at 720p, however for the most part this isn’t going to be massively noticeable to most users, and there is also a £20 price tag regardless of whether you own Minecraft on another platform. Could this be a deciding factor in your decision? If so, you just have to remember that there are many other benefits such as split-screen multiplayer (when using another set of Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller), and the fact that this is a slightly modified take on Minecraft which retains all of the original features with a few cool new additions.

For the Minecraft fans out there who are considering a Nintendo Switch then I’d definitely recommend checking this out.