SpeedQuizzing Explained

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The spread of wi-fi has improved many aspects of day-to-day life, but until recently, the noble British pub quiz wasn’t one of them. Not to put too fine a point on it, it had become too easy to cheat. Whether you won had begun to depend on how fast you could Google the capital of Burundi (it’s Bujumbura of course.) Just about acceptable if everyone was cheating, but even then it often became a Googling race, rather than a test of knowledge.


How It Works

SpeedQuizzing has taken the problem (too much technology) and used it to solve itself. From the player’s perspective, it’s an app that turns a smartphone or tablet into a multi-functional buzzer, making the whole experience very much like taking part in a TV quiz show.

The human element is retained, with the quizmaster connected to the players over a wi-fi network via, for example, a laptop, from which they read the questions. The quizmaster also has instant access to information such as which team is in the lead, who answered the last question fastest, and so on.



The hosting software is available for either Windows or OS X, while the app used by the players comes in Android or iOS flavours. It doesn’t require an internet connection; everything including the questions is built in, and runs over the network.

The speed element is important – one of the functions of the players’ app (the Virtual Buzzer) is as a lockout buzzer; the first team to buzz will silence every other team’s buzzer. Thirty-two teams, using one device each, can take part in a quiz.


The software doesn’t actually cost anything until it’s used, though up to four devices can take part in the system’s demo mode. There’s a recommended wi-fi router, the Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H. Though the company say many other routers will work with the software, the Buffalo is the one they’ve tested extensively. The host software includes an optimizer for the router.