Super Mario is coming to iOS

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After the huge success of Pokémon Go, it seems Nintendo want to have a crack creating a smartphone version of one of their most popular titles. That’s right, Super Mario is making its way to iOS in the form of Super Mario Run.


The game, announced by Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, is set for a December release on both iPhone and iPad.


Mario automatically runs on his own, and jumps based on how long you tap on the screen. As well being an extremely fun single-player game, Miyamoto announced that there will be a “Battle” mode which will allow you to compete against your friends, neighbours and players from around the world.


screenshot-2016-09-07-22-19-26 screenshot-2016-09-07-22-19-36


There will also be a “Mushroom Kingdom”, where you can expand and customise your kingdom using the coins that you collect in-game.


The game will be free to download and play up to certain point, after which the user will have to pay a set purchase price to unlock all of the game’s content.


You can visit the App Store to check out some more screenshots and information on the game, as well as request to be notified when the game is available.