Tag Heuer’s Smartwatch: Pros and Cons

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When smartwatches first hit the scene, like any new piece of tech, we weren’t exactly sure what they did or why we needed one, but we knew that we really wanted one. Now that the dust has settled on the smartwatch pandemonium, we can actually take a step back and judge them for what they are. And what they are is ultimately what most people thought in the beginning: a somewhat cool piece of technology that you probably don’t need, but would be nice to have anyway.


It’s fair to say that the Apple Watch has a firm grip on the smartwatch market, but that’s not to say that other manufacturers are leagues behind. Luxury watchmakers survived the whole digital watch onslaught easily enough, but the fervour surrounding smartwatches no doubt left them a bit shaken and stirred. Swiss brands in particular have the most to lose by not being modernised for younger generations, which is exactly why Tag Heuer has made a strong statement of intent by releasing the Connected Modular 45 smartwatch.


Without further ado, let’s have a look at what the Connected Modular 45 is all about.

Pro: The Tag Heuer Name

At the end of the day, the Connected Modular 45 is still a Tag Heuer watch. The company has existed in some form since 1860, so if anyone knows how to stay relevant, then it’s Tag Heuer. Despite the rapid development of new styles and technologies, there’s still a strong demand for a more traditional look, as older Tag Heuer models regularly appear on this type of online marketplace. The brand is still a little behind Rolex, Omega, and Breitling in terms of overall popularity, but Tag Heuer’s dedication to moving with the times is noteworthy and important.

Con: It’s very expensive

The Connected Modular 45 starts at around £1,200, with several design extras bumping up the price considerably. Not that Tag Heuer products are generally cheap by any means – they are a Swiss luxury brand after all – but when the Apple Watch is far cheaper (and some would say far better), then splashing out all those pennies is still a hard pill to swallow.

Pro: It’s very customisable

As ‘modular’ is in the title, Tag Heuer really means it. Watch face, straps, lugs, and even parts of a watch you didn’t even know about are all changeable. Some may hate the burden of choice and simply want to click ‘buy watch’ and be it done with. But for others who love customising everything down to the thickness of the minute hand (probably not possible), then Tag Heuer certainly allow a lot of design freedom.

Con: It is, for all intents and purposes, still designed like a normal watch

In our opinion, Apple Watch really nailed it with their construction. The square design, flat watch face, and rubber strap really help it to, you know, actually look like a modern and current piece of tech. Tag Heuer’s Connected Modular 45, on the other hand, looks like any other watch in their range. Sure, there definitely might be some demographic who desire exactly that – a smartwatch that looks like a watch – but if you’re going to release a timepiece to give you directions, monitor fitness, and take calls, then surely you want something that looks modernised and distinct.