The 3 Essential Functionalities Of Any Modern Desktop


It’s likely you spend more time looking at a desktop computer than you do opening the pages of a book in the modern day. To people thirty years ago, this would have seemed an absolutely preposterous idea. However, for those living in the modern day, interacting with our own personal devices is a common, natural, daily occurrence. Our devices are absolutely an extension of ourselves.


As such, it’s important to outfit this extension correctly. Just like ensuring we’re in good health, our skin is moisturized, and our hair is brushed in the morning, maintaining our devices is as important to our daily function as anything else, particularly if you work a demanding career. To maintain your device well, you need to ensure it has the fundamental, basic packages necessary for its overall upkeep. This can help your desktop continually function for you, but the tips here can also function for other devices.




Cloud Functionalities


Cloud functionalities are essential to have in the modern day. Having your personal documents, pictures, videos and assorted other items saved without you having to think about it can help you ensure that you’re never missing something important to you. However, installing a fresh computer can greet you with seemingly hundreds of options of cloud functionality. They seem to pop up from everywhere. Your phone might offer you a premium bundle promotion, while Windows seems to push OneDrive hard when trying to use the operating software. It’s important to know who the big hitters are, and which services are best. Check out this important comparison of Google Drive vs. Dropbox, perhaps two of the largest heavyweights in the competition, to see just how and why an excellent cloud saving option should be prioritized.


VPN Software


VPN software has gone from a very niche thing that only those involved in secure business functions would need to use, to an essential part of browsing online. With all the obvious tracking, cookies, ad placements and other profiles being built about you online, sometimes you just need some good anonymity. From ExpressVPN to NordVPN, purchasing a good option can help you connect to servers all around the world, masking your IP address and encrypting your traffic. This is perfect for connecting to public WiFi, protecting your business matters, and generally helping you stay the safest on the net.

Content Suites


There are many more options than the Office suite to help you curate and produce informational content. The Google Suite is appropriate, as is OpenOffice. You might decide to subscribe to a package option for Adobe to ensure your creative needs are met. It might also be worth considering what form of digital audio workstation you might need if you’re into editing. Consider open-source options for playing and refining music such as Foobar, or managing your content via programs such as Calibre for ebooks. Content suites are important to install as they give you the full functionality of every entertainment and production facet you could need. There is always a better option, so be sure to research diligently.


With these simple tips, ensuring essential functionality of your desktop computer or device is all but guaranteed.